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Why Consign

Another person’s Trash is another person’s Treasure!

“Trash”, and more specifically quality “trash”, transcends all decorating styles and is in the eye of the beholder. The truth is, one person can look at something and think "trash", while the next person will look at the same item and think it's just what they wanted or needed.

Living a budget lifestyle doesn't mean that you have to physically put yourself on a restrictive budget. The days of calculating every amount spent, when and where are done. Budget lifestyle simply means figuring out economical ways to save and spend money. It provides a guide on how to cut corners and save on little things that we are not always aware are available to us. Thus, the world of consignment shops is becoming the “new normal”.

Consignment shops have been around for decades. It's the only way to make someone else's junk become another’s treasure in a profitable way. Buying from consignment shops is a good opportunity to save when shopping for necessities such as home decor, home improvement and more. As well as, a great place to donate your stuff when cleaning house, getting rid of excess junk, or wanting to help out those in need. Giving back is something, if not already, that we all should try our hardest to do on a frequent basis. Most every consignment shop has a charity they work in particular with giving children, adults, and families support and services.

Knuckling down for the hunt will find savvy collectors visiting all the different thrift stores, flea markets, yard sales, or other outlets for thrift store-type merchandise. But do we really have time for that anymore? Doesn't eBay prove this point? We think so, usually seasoned collectors will look at an item and know instantly if they've found a treasure. However, shopping at an online consignment store can make the search a little more difficult. Sure, it looks like a real 'find' from what you can tell in the photo, but you're relying solely on the description and the photo to make your decision. A description that's once again is in the eye of the beholder.

Nonetheless, we understand how you would much rather have the items in hand before making your purchase. Knowing this, we try to price our consignment merchandise with that thought always in mind. Of course we could probably get much more for any of the items we have listed, but the truth is, we want our merchandise to find the home it really belongs in as quickly as you want to leave yours!

Once you decide to consign your items, it allows you to have a larger audience and can save your valuable time versus selling them yourself at a Yard Sale or in the paper, which means wasting time (and your privacy) while waiting for someone potentially not to show up. Consignment shops do not make money until your items sell, so it is a type of profit sharing. You will be relieved at how easy it is to consign and make extra money while cleaning out some clutter.

Why not save yourself the time and continue your hunt for your treasure right here on the pages of our online consignment store. Hopefully now that you've found us, you're search is over! We like to put adjectives such as what our name implies, to Reuse, ReDecorate, Recycle because it's the Eco Friendly way AND we are “The best option before the landfill!”