Store Hours: Tuesday thru Saturday: 8:30am - 5pm
Closed Sunday and Monday
Pickups & Deliveries; Set by Appointment

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The ReUse Story

The ReUse Emporium was started in May, 2012 as a way to help the community recycle items that still have life in order to reduce the footprint in our landfill. SO many people either give or THROW (horrors!) STUFF away instead of making $ for their STUFF. What started in a 1,000sf container facility in Bovoni has now grown into 9,000+sf of beautiful warehouse space. Our Team helps to RePurpose-ReDesign-ReCycle by providing workshops and hands on opportunity to create your own designs in the “ReUse Infused MakerSpace”. Think of it as having your own space to create “Pinterest” projects that you’ve always dreamed of making but didn’t have the tools or skill of your own to do them. Read more about this opportunity on the “ReUse Infused MakerSpace” page.

How do we help you and our Island? If you have “STUFF” and don’t want to go through the hassle of having or going to a Yard Sale, Craig’s List or Facebook to sell it or you are a business and don’t want to liquidate in your store, call on ReUse Emporium to sell it for you! The store provides a way that takes the time, privacy, expense, and stress that you as the Consignor would have to go through otherwise. We do what it takes to sell it, and you get paid. It’s that simple! The store has been embraced by the community of Residents, Businesses, Realtors, Decorators, and many other segments of the USVI. We give you an outlet housed with a friendly and knowledgeable team who LOVE what they do who will market and sell your stuff! It’s clientele knows to “buy when you see it”, as stuff comes in daily and moves VERY quickly. Items are only housed for 60 days until the price starts to drop, then after 100 days (if it makes it that long), they are donated to a local nonprofit or Island Hero’s who are compassionate about giving back.. It is no longer a secret and now those “in the know” shop ReUse Emporium weekly (sometimes daily) and KNOW the store truly is “St Thomas’s Perpetual Yard Sale”!!!

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