Store Hours: Tuesday thru Saturday: 8:30am - 5pm
Closed Sunday and Monday
Pickups & Deliveries; Set by Appointment

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Policies & Procedure

Who Does What?

-You are responsible for taking the photos then sending them to us for review. We will suggest pricing based on internet research, then suggest pricing. Once we agree on the pricing, we will list your item for sale.

-We are responsible for putting the items on the site and/or in our store, helping you to succeed in selling, and handling all the paperwork. We then send you a check when the item is sold. It’s that simple!

How to Get Your Merchandise on Our Web Site: Photograph your items with a white (preferred) background, (even if the item is white-use more lighting and turn off the flash), we determine the price, write a brief informative description, (we reserve the right to edit any description.) include measurements, if applicable and email it to us. Include your full name and contact information (phone, address).

Web Space: Your items are placed within the category that makes the most sense. In some cases if your item is something we haven’t previously sold, we may set up a new category or we could set up a page just for your item. Our goals are the same: Sell your items!

Fees: If you deliver your merchandise to us, we will handle the sales, storage, marketing, etc. at our store. Our fee percentage split for this is 50/50. Either email us an itemized list including a brief description and original pricing and age of item (would help) of what you are bringing us. We will inventory the items when they arrive against your itemized list and will send you a confirmation that all items were received and are as described.

-If you would prefer not to deal with any aspect of selling your items, we will handle the entire transaction ourselves.  We will arrange to pick up your items and deliver them to our store. In this case, we will still need a preview of your items through photos for review. There will be a small pick up fee accessed and our fee percentage split for this is 60(us)/40(you).

Pricing Strategy: In general, pre-owned merchandise, excluding collectibles and antiques, are priced from 20- 30% of the original retail price if used and 50% if brand new and no more than 1 year old.

Acceptable Merchandise: Merchandise should be ReSaleable: clean, not chipped or damaged and in working order. If there are flaws, spots or anything to detract from the original new condition, you must describe the flaw so the shopper can make an informed decision as to whether to purchase.

Our “Pick Up” Policy: Generally, Pickups are usually scheduled, Wednesday & Saturday. We need advance notice to plan for, inventory your items and schedule your pick up. IF you have discovered us last minute and HAVE to leave Island and NEED it gone “yesterday”, we will do the best that we can to help you out. As long as the items can be handled by “2 Gals and a Truck”, we will be there at an appointed time! We do plan to partner with a local moving company soon for very reasonable fees, so stay tuned! In the meantime, give us a call or email us to discuss!

Consignment Term: We limit the time your merchandise can stay on the site and in our store. When you receive our newsletter, it could be used as your reminder to contact us if you want your items removed. Otherwise, we’ll contact you every 90 days or so. If we do not hear from you we will remove your items from the site. If you are using other methods for selling your merchandise and the item sells, it is imperative that you let us know right away so we can remove the item from our site to not risk having the item sell again. If we have your items they will remain on the site for 90 days until sold. Price adjustments will be discussed and implemented to help make the sale. Should you opt to have your items returned, you will need to arrange pick up. Otherwise our terms are as follows: after 60 days: we mark down 50%, then 70% after another 10 days, then 80% at 80 days, then items will be donated to a local nonprofit of our choice which we circulate.

Emails: If, when we send you an email and you do not respond, you are running the risk of having your items removed from the site. We will send a couple more emails and will give you a few more days to respond, but after a reasonable amount of time has elapsed without contact from you we will remove your items.

Vacations, Etc: If you are planning on being off Island for a period of time and there is a chance that it is during the lapse of your expiration date for your consignment items and cannot contact us while away, please contact us prior to your departure to let us know.

Status Check: As much as we love to talk to our clients, we prefer to do it in our store in person. Therefore, we ask that consignors check their consignment account on our website. There you will find the “Consignor Log In” area where you will register and can then check on your status 24 hours a day to see how much profit you have made!!

Payment: We reconcile and pay out on the 20th of each month for the previous month’s sales. If you have consigned items and now live elsewhere, we will mail the check and deduct $2 from your check to cover postage and handling. Otherwise, you may come by the store to pick up your check on the 21st on. Accounts that are less than $25 in sales that month will carry over until $25 or more is achieved.

Items that don’t sell in 90 days: This rarely happens, however, if your items are still in the store after 90 days, you may:

  1. Reclaim your item.
  2. Choose to have us donate it to a nonprofit. *We have a great relationship with the Humane Society in which they pickup / deliver to us and us to them!
  3. Ask if we will extend the sale at a drastically reduced price.

Final “Stuff”: If you plan on using our site as a ‘viewing’ area for people you send them to see what you have for sale, but then you handle the sale outside of our site to avoid paying our fee, it will eventually come to light and your items will automatically be removed. We only want the best for you as our partner and we hope you will help keep us in business!