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How To Consign

EVALUATION – Will it sell?

ALL items should be clean and in good working order.

  • Please test and clean your items before bringing them to us for consignment.
  • Items that require additional cleaning or repairs will either be donated or consigned at a higher percentage to the store.
  • Items with pet hair or strong odors such as mold or smoke will not be accepted.
  • All items should be appealing and something we feel our customers want to buy. Please see our list of items we cannot accept.
  • We reserve the right to donate any item that is dropped off. 

Please understand that we have limited space. Due to our high volume of consignments, there may be a minor delay in how soon your items are put onto the sales floor. Your consignment time begins when the your items are tagged to sell.

FURNITURE & larger ticket items require a photo prior to our acceptance.

We can accept pictures from your phone or digital camera in-store or email a photograph to info@ReUseUSVI.com. Please provide details such as age, dimensions, original retail price and how much you are “hoping” to make when it sells. Other details, such as the brand or an interesting history of your items are also helpful.

You will be notified and a time will be scheduled for drop-off or pick-up. (see delivery details for fees)

Appliances must be less than 5 years old and in working condition. Appliances, power tools, and all other electronic items have a 5 day return policy. As a consignor, your account will be charged a $25 non-working return fee when their items are returned.

If you have tried to sell your item via Craig’s List or Facebook please let us know. Our clients are savvy shoppers and will inform us. Items previously listed for sale online need to be listed lower in our store for a successful sell.

PRICING and Consignment Terms

Our goal is to sell your items! We will base our prices on quality, condition, style, color, and general supply and demand. Any information you can provide will be considered when pricing (i.e. genuine Coach purse). We are familiar with the resale market and final pricing is at our discretion. We encourage you to monitor your account via our website (see customer login) and encourage you to call with questions.

The consignment term is 60 days. Our markdown schedule is: 30 days – 25% off, 40 days – 50% off, and 50 days – 75% off. At 60 days the items are donated. All items are subject to sale, markdown, or donation at any time upon our discretion.

All items will be considered donate-able. Only unique items will be considered for exception.

It is the consignor’s responsibility to request payment and monitor their account. You will not be notified. You may request a check before the 1st of 15th of the month. You may pick it up at the front desk or have it mailed. There is a $2.50 fee for checks that are mailed locally. Consignors who choose to spend their earnings in the store save an additional 10% on the store credit portion of their purchase.

Consignment splits:

  • Items that are brought to the store clean and ready to sell:
  • $25 and under – 40% consignor / 60% ReUse
  • $26 and over – 50% consignor / 50% ReUse
  • Non-profit organization accounts receive a 10% higher commission
  • Items that are picked up or need additional work (cleaning, organizing, etc.)           
  • $25 and under – 30% consignor / 70% ReUse
  • $26 and over – 40% consignor / 60% ReUse


Drop and Go at our front counter – bring up to 10 smaller items with a pre-filled itemized inventory list and enjoy priority treatment. If your items will not fit in a 2’x3’ bin you should take them to our general receiving area at the rear of the store.

Receiving is located at the rear of the store. Hours are 9:00am to 4:00pm – Monday through Saturday. No appointment is necessary. However, it is very helpful if you call to let us know you are coming. Orders that come with pre-filled itemized inventory forms receive priority status. Remember that large items require a photo and all items are subject to evaluation.

Estates and relocations – Please call in advance for an appointment if consigning a household of items. Most people find that staggering their drop-offs over several weeks or setting up an “on-site assessment” to be best. The on-site assessment rate is $75 per hour with a minimum of 1 hr. per visit.

Delivery and pick-up - We offer an affordable delivery and pick-up service. Rates depend on a formula of location, stairs, size, quantity, etc. Please call 340-777-3873 and ask for Christie for details.


Your account is credited at the time your item sells. When you shop using your store credit you automatically save 10% (based on the amount of credit you apply to the purchase).

  • Accounts with a balance under $50 can be paid in cash at our register at any time.
  • Accounts with a balance of over $50 are paid by check.
  • Consignors must call at least 2 days in advance to request a check payment for pick-up.
  • Checks can be picked up on the 1st and 15th of each month.
  • There is a $2.50 fee for checks that are mailed locally.

It’s that simple!!