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What does consignment mean?

Consignment: To “partner” with a company with a percentage of the sale price paid for your goods only once the goods are sold. The person who owns the goods is the “Consignor” and the person performing the consignment service, that is doing the selling, is the “Consignee”.

Consignment shops have been around for decades. It's the only way to make someone else's “junk become another’s treasure” in a profitable way. Buying from consignment shops is a good opportunity to save when shopping for necessities such as home decor, home improvement and much more. As well as, a great place to donate your stuff when cleaning house, getting rid of excess junk, or wanting to help out those in need. Giving back is something, if not already, that we all should try our hardest to do on a frequent basis. Most every consignment shop has a nonprofit they work in giving to children, adults, and families support and services.

Once you decide to consign your items at a consignment store or online, it allows you to have a larger audience and can save your valuable time versus selling them yourself at a Yard Sale or in the paper, which then also means wasting time while waiting for someone potentially not to show up and giving up your privacy. Consignment shops do not make money until your items sell, so it is a type of profit sharing. You will be relieved at how easy it is to consign and make extra money while cleaning out some clutter.

At “ReUse Emporium”, we take pride in providing treasures that you will want to provide a new home for. We strive to make sure that items come from your home to another home, so that your home becomes a new home again”!

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