Store Hours: Tuesday thru Saturday: 8:30am - 5pm
Closed Sunday and Monday
Pickups & Deliveries; Set by Appointment

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About Us

The “ReUse Emporium” was started out of the need for a way to recycle household items in order to reduce the footprint in our landfill. Our Team at ReUse Emporium strives to recycle as many items as possible to help them find a new home when their original owner (or many times recycled owners!) tires of them or moves off Island. Each one of us has an extensive background of various specialties that have to do with redesigning and repurposing items to give them new life. Our enthusiasm comes not only in the ReUse of the items, it is equal to what is done to make our clients happy! We strive to make certain that each and every time someone enters our store, they feel welcome. There is a definite sense of purpose in serving the community and in being embraced by the community that has given us as a Team a sense of belonging on our Island! For that, we thank you!!

Bring something in to Consign, Donate, ReDesign or RePurpose and join in on the revolution to educate our Island to ReUse!!

Meet The Team!